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We’re in the business of revolutionizing company health benefits.

The Plan Panoptic approach creates a significantly better employee benefit program at drastically reduced costs, with unparalleled visibility through every phase of the process. By curating and leveraging a combination of best-in-class programs and tools that work together as a single ecosystem, we ensure that each component increases the value of the previous, and offsets the cost for the next.

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Savings You Can See

Never lose track of a single healthcare dollar. Plan Panoptic empowers companies by providing a fully stacked program, with complete visibility into any component, at any phase, any time.

Better Benefits

We’ve scoured the marketplace for the plans, programs and tools needed to provide better benefits, at a better price, with unparalleled customer care.

Tax-Time Peace of Mind

We maximize current tax laws and identify main cost drivers to provide even greater tax savings! We also lessen taxable liability in just one year

Reduced Admin Burden

Spend less time doing paperwork, and more time doing what you love. Plan Panoptic provides administrative and payroll tools to keep your focus where it belongs: on you

Better Employees

Attract and retain the best, highest-quality talent possible by providing a state-of-the-art benefits ecosystem.

Level-Funded Health Plans

15 minutes of underwriting can save your company 30% or more on benefits! This customizable health plan provides predictable cost drivers and nationwide coverage with the best providers in the nation. Enjoy 100% refund of unused claims.

Traverse Program

Traverse is a uniquely designed program that will reduce employer payroll taxes, by reducing employee’s taxable income. Employee's savings are used to create a "Flex Credit” that can be used to purchase employee benefits, such as universal life insurance, critical illness, or accident policies, etc... Employer's saving can be used to offset the cost of the PEO.

Reference-Based Pricing

Reference-Based Pricing works in conjunction with the Level-Funded health plan. RBP removes secret PPO pricing agreements, and provides your business with the best pricing, period. Reduce your claim cost exposure, and provide your employees access to the best hospitals nationwide.


An HMRA, or Health Matching Account, gives you employer-owned first dollar benefits. Without the need for ACA or HSA contracts, growth is guaran-teed. A more modern method than use-or-lose-it, an HMRA offers dental, vision and supplemental benefits for more complete care. This tool works together with the Level-Funded and Traverse components.


A professional employer organization (PEO) becomes your employer of record for the IRS. Your dedicated rep provides payroll services and benefits administration. Zero payroll tax liability, reduced administration strain, and greater growth opportunities.

Pratter Savings Card & Search Engine

Think of this card as the money map in your wallet. This powerhouse card and search engine provide the tools you need for complete cost clarity through the entire process, and employees need to shop, compare and become better more empowered consumers of healthcare.

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